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New from 5th September 2019

Offer 1: Introduce a new beginner and you get yourself a free class

Offer 2: New beginner gets a free lesson on their 2nd week

Freestyle Dates

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Our Dance Classes run every Thursday

The Format is:

Beginners Class 8:00 pm until 8:45 pm

Intermediates Class 9:00 pm until 9:45 pm

(Beginners have a separate lesson, with an extra move at this time)

Then Freestyle dancing until 10:30 pm


Nailsea Leroc Dance Classes

Diana Bath is a fully qualified dance and fitness instructor and a member of the Jive Federation and UKA. She has been running a variety of classes in Nailsea for over 20 years. Diana started dancing LeRoc in the early ’90s and started teaching at the Elmgrove Centre, Bristol in 1993. She set up Nailsea LeRoc in 2003 which has expanded rapidly and become a very well established class.


Diana’s dance partner is Tom.

Tom has been dancing since the mid-90s and his wicked sense of humour and personality make him a favourite at the lessons!

The other member of the team is Herb who looks after the Beginners whilst the Intermediates are being taught. This is very important as it means the Beginners are not waiting around for the freestyle session at the end of the evening and it also means they have a chance to ask questions and go over the moves again in a smaller and more intimate environment.

The final member of the team is Sheila whose job it is to part you with your money as you come in! She also does a grand job of remembering everyone’s names and thus, making you all feel welcome each week.

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